Celfyx Dosang

Gnome life shaman with purple hair from Mystara, Celestial Rune on left Forearm


Celfyx was found in the wilds as a child by a farmer and his wife. Since they were unable to have children of their own, and lived far from town, they took her in and raised her. Being human and older when they found her and Celfyx being a gnome, she felt out of place and was barely out of childhood when she was forced to bury her adopted parents who died of old age. She wanted to connect to her ‘parents’ spirits and ended up a self taught shamen with a Compsognathus as her spirit guide. Celfx has no connection to gods, she is more spiritual than religious. No profession as her parents never got the chance to teach her much before old age took them. No weapons training, her father was a simple farmer who hunted with simple weapons which he taught his daughter to use.

These days Celfyx is interested in where she came from and who her birth parents are.

Theme song: Touch of Grey – Grateful Dead

Celfyx Dosang

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